Puzzle has had an outstanding showing career. He excels in movement and is passing this on to his offspring.

Pinglewood Puzzle

Darwin Geronemo

"Joey" is the founder stallion of the Pinglewood Stud and was always in the ribbons when shown. He is still producing superb stock.

Show results

2004: 3 overall champs and 2 res champs

2005: 5 overall champs, including overall res res at Royal Show

2006: 6 overall champs. Derby C. Overall Shetland, overall Chaps. Res over whole show. NCPA overall Shetland champ. Res over whole show.

2007: 2 overall Champs. 1 res Champ. 1 Res M+M. Champ and 1 res overal Chaps Champ 1 Min Champ

2008: 1 Champ of champs 3 mini Champs 1 Overall Champ 3 res overall Champ 3 res overall Champ. 1 Res overall Chaps.


Pinglewood Tobermory

"Toby" is a beautiful dun skewbald with superb movement and conformation.

White House Pepe

Sire of our many times champion Pinglewood Puzzle and countless other show quality progeny.

Stranduff Casanova

Beautiful strong stallion with a wealth of hair and bone which he passes on to his progeny.

Pinglewood Joseph

Superb colt of show quality. Beautiful head, excellent conformation action and temperament. Good stallion potential. Now licensed.

Pinglewood Dominic

Cranmore George

Pixbrooke Gold Dust

Pinglewood Nimbus

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